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Since 2009, Ontario-based company Prefect Inc. has been involved in the research and development of virtual tools to help make Canadian productions more competitive in the global film & television industry. Today, we create online simulations that allow creators of film/tv, music, books and more to test their creative, offering a more effective and more affordable alternative to traditional market research. Click here to view our media releases. Prefect's core team blends years of technology solutions development and integrated marketing communications experience. Believing in the effectiveness of using consumer behaviour testing over traditional research forms, we have designed virtual concept testing centres for our clients. Our collective experience includes expertise in:

Graphic / Interactive Web Design
Integrated Marketing Communications
Software Design & Development
Instructional Design

Our vision is a strong Canadian production industry, one where creators have the tools needed to compete in their market space. Our mission is to be the go-to provider of affordable, innovative, effective online concept testing software and services.

Our core values include innovation, commitment, integrity, professionalism and collaboration. Our commitment is to providing an affordable, secure and reliable connection between producer and customer.

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