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Believing that experiential testing (behavioural simulations) offers more valuable feedback than traditional surveys w

When studying consumer behaviour, Prefect market testing programs utilize interactive simulations to measure consumer interest in a new product. Each simulation is uniquely designed to isolate and test a production's marketable attributes. Testing can be done on a single attribute or on a combination of multiple attributes to see how they perform collectively.

It's all about the customer, so why not get them engaged earlier? Prefect helps businesses tap into what customers want, and create products their target market will respond to. Simply submit your creative material (e.g. sample covers, logos, show titles), and we will develop an online testing program in the Prefect Virtual Test Centre™, including an interactive, simulated shopping environment, located in our virtual mall or home.

Next, we deploy the simulation to our database of sample customers (Pre-Viewers) and collect their input. The results are compiled into a report, and a Prefect® Score is determined.

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