Learning & Development


Successful companies need effective training material. Not every company can afford a full time learning & development team. Prefect can help.

Using our IDEA™ method of content delivery, we have perfected the formula for analyzing your current learning & development needs, and using them to create engaging, interactive eLearning training materials for your end users.

With experience designing and delivering full online training solutions to major companies, we know how to talk to the right people and ask the right questions to learn your business, and produce compelling, effective learning materials, quickly and affordably.

Rely on Prefect to create rich eLearning experiences for your new client, concept, staff or product/upgrade. Contact us today for a free consultation or click here to get started now!
Fun, interactive online design
Engaging, relatable learning scenarios

Concise-yet-thorough training content
Well-paced, easy-to-follow, structured course modules


What's the big IDEA?

IDENTIFY the scenario DEFINE the concept
EXPLORE the uses APPLY the principle
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APPLY the principles.
EXPLORE the uses.
DEFINE the concept.
IDENTIFY the challenge.