Market Testing.

In a perfect world, you could know what your customer thinks about a product, before you produce it. In a Prefect world, you can.



It's all about the customer, so why not get them engaged earlier? With Prefect,
you can know what appeals to your target market at every stage of the production process.

Prefect Vision

An end-to-end solution, fully customized to test your major production's marketable components throughout development.

. Fully customized environment
. Multiple testing solutions
. Targeted audience with unlimited criteria
. Custom reports

Prefect View

A virtual market testing service that supports the decision making process on components of a small-medium sized production.

. Configurable simulated environment
. Single testing simulation
. Targeted audience (< 3 filters)
. Customized reports

Prefect View Lite

A scaled down version of Prefect View, testing an individual component of an independent or small production.

. Templated, simulated environment
. Single testing simulation
. Open/general audience
. Standard reports


Does your marketing sell your show? Prefect's flagship solution tests any marketable film & television element at each phase of a production, from development to distribution.

Use Prefect's virtual concept testing to test the level of interest in a film or television series concept, helping you green light new projects with added confidence. For already in development projects, use Prefect's virtual movie or home theatre to maximize the appeal of your synopsis, cast, music, marketing and more.



You may not be able to judge a book by its cover, but you can certainly sell one with it. A book's cover, back cover, first few pages, and even a pen name can make or break a sale.

Use Prefect's virtual bookstore to test the appeal of your new story cover, a chapter or section, or even an unwritten concept.



Know Your Customer.

Learn what your target audience thinks of your product, before you produce it.


The gaming industry is a unique one, with its market largely made up of devout followers to specific games and gaming companies. Gamers are particularly in tune to the logic and details of a new game or concept.

Success in this market relies less on the impulsive buy, and more on word of mouth (or mouse), and effective marketing campaigns to existing customers. Use the Prefect® Virtual Gaming Store to test a new concept, character or game and ensure it owns (or p0wns) your market.



Fashion, one of the more impulsive purchases, is highly visual. Catching the eye of the consumer can happen, or not happen, quickly. Designers have only a split second to impress its target audience.

Make Prefect your personal runway. Use our virtual window displays and clothing racks to reach out to Canadian fashion enthusiasts and see which of your potential designs make the cut.



Let's Make it Better.

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